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Lil’ Kim opens up about custody battle with Mr. Papers

Photo Credit: Lil' Kim's Instagram (@lilkimthequeenbee)

Photo credit: Lil’ Kim’s Instagram (@lilkimthequeenbee)

It came as a shock to fans in May when reports revealed that Lil’ Kim and Mr. Papers, the father of her daughter, Royal Reign, had split up and that the two were headed toward a custody battle. Since then, Mr. Papers has been vocal in his claims that Kim is keeping him from their daughter and that she is falsely accusing him of abuse. Now, Kim has reportedly shared her side of the story and claims Papers is lying.

As previously reported, Royal is with Kim and she and Papers have been quietly involved in a court battle over custody of their daughter. According to a report last month from, Papers filed for visitation rights and asked for just one day out of the week to see Royal with a court-approved monitor present for the visits.

However, his publicist, Tasha Hilton, told the site that Kim is not cooperating and failed to show up to their July 9 hearing.

“He’s not trying to take custody, he’s not trying to take her,” Hilton said. “He is literally just trying to see [his daughter]. He’s been trying to do it very quietly.”

Hilton claims that Kim, instead, filed a lawsuit in response to Papers, claiming that he physically abused her while they were together, which Papers has subsequently denied.

“She’s playing really dirty now with the domestic situation,” Hilton said. “There has never been any domestic violence.”

Hilton says that issues over power and infidelity are what hurt the couple’s relationship. But despite their split, Papers still wants to be a part of his daughter’s life.

“He doesn’t want his daughter to grow up and think her father didn’t care about her,” Hilton said. “The one thing that does matter to him is having his daughter in his life.”

However, that’s only half of the story. According to, Kim recently went on Twitter and finally opened up about her legal battle with Papers over Royal. Read Kim’s side of the story after the cut.

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