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The BarberStars share their insight on the barber industry

Saving the world one hairline at a time is how the BarberStars describe their brand and they have been doing just that since 2010. This dynamic team is not your average group of barbers and they don’t carry themselves as such. They are advocates, mentors and role models in their communities.

The BarberStars are celebrity barbers with global influence. Their client list includes, but is certainly not limited to, Nas, Grant Hill, Marvin Sapp, Paul Millsap, RonReaco Lee, and many, many more. Their team consists of four barbers with a number of skills including artistic designs, coloring and chemical processes, and more. They offer luxury services ‎to gentlemen and women.

They hold charity events, teach educational seminars and provide haircuts for the less fortunate.

Recently, they sat down with rolling out to discuss their brand and insight on the barber industry.


Quincy “Q” David, Marcus Harvey, Joshua “Hawk” Hawkins and Tariq Ferguson (Photo courtesy: The BarberStars)

Why did you create the brand BarberStars?

Marcus Harvey: Well, the BarberStar brand started in 2010. I realized there were movie stars, rock stars but there weren’t any barber stars, so we decided to do it because every star needs a barber but not every barber is a star.

How has cutting hair evolved?

Q: Guys nowadays we wear hairstyles. In my tenure in doing this, guys weren’t wearing hairstyles; they were just wearing the haircut out and after it got cut there was no styling in it. Now it’s a different culture and the thing we like doing the most is we like to bring the culture out.

What advice would you give to future barbers?

Hawk: Never stop learning.

What is the biggest mistake people in this industry tend to make?

Tariq: I think the biggest mistake that a lot of barbers and hairstylist just getting into the industry make is getting caught up in it just being a hustle. When you treat it like a hustle, you’re going to attract clients that want to hustle you. When you treat it like a business and create your brand and watch it grow organically, you get people that are going to respect that.

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