‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode 16 best moments

Vh1 Screenshot
Vh1 Screenshot

Kalenna goes to therapy

Kalenna and Tony finally go to a therapist together and Kalenna confesses that she places a lot of pressure on herself to be excellent in her career because she feels that just being regular will result in not being able to pay for her children’s future. She also wants to shield them from the perils that most Black men fear when it comes to murder rates and police brutality. Kalenna says her music is also her only release when it comes to her emotions. Kalenna explains that the only people she has to talk to are Tony and their kids, and Tony finally understands why Kalenna was so driven to get back into the studio. Their therapist advisse Kalenna to change the way she goes about being excellent and to stick to therapy to deal with her postpartum depression.

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