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Remembering Julian Bond

Julian Bond and Martin Luther King (Photo Courtesy: MLK III)

Julian Bond and Martin Luther King (Photo Courtesy: MLK III)

Martin Luther King III statement on the passing of civil and human rights leader Julian Bond:

“I join the world in expressing my heartfelt condolences to Julian Bond’s entire family. Our nation has lost an extraordinary champion for freedom and justice. As one of my fathers most revered students, he was a prominent fighter for social justice who worked alongside Dr. King and many others doing the never-ending…yet necessary work to move our country forward. Our world is immeasurably better because of his contributions and unyielding commitment to the struggle and pursuit for equality.  Bond’s legacy is overwhelming in depth and scope, as his brilliance and passion enriched and improved all of our lives for the better. We have lost not just one of our boldest advocates for civil rights and justice for all…but a giant for humanity.”

Sharon Lettman-Hicks, NBJC Executive Director and CEO:

“The NBJC family is deeply saddened by the passing of Julian Bond, who will be remembered as one of the fiercest fighters for justice and equality that the world has ever seen. Coming of age as an influential leader in the Civil Rights Movement, his early and vocal support for LGBT rights has been a source of hope and inspiration to so many–especially to those within the Black LGBT community. I am a better activist and champion of civil rights because I was blessed to have known Julian Bond and saw him as a role model in being a frontline social justice warrior for racial justice and LGBT equality. The world has lost a hero, but we have gained a true example of how one life can make the world a more welcoming and inclusive place for all people. We must never forget what he stood for and build upon his legacy as we continue the fight for justice.”

The Official Statement by Mrs. Elisabeth Omilami on the Passing of Mr. Julian Bond:

(The Daughter of Hosea Williams, CEO of Hosea Helps [A/K/A Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless]; ambassador for homelessness, civil rights leader)

“On yesterday, we learned that the civil rights community lost another solider in the war. We learned that another brilliant architect of civil rights transitioned over.  However, he did not leave without a strong legacy of justice and equality. Many times we feel that when one of such greatness leaves us, a void is left. However, I celebrate the life and the accomplishments made by Mr. Julian Bond.

I listen to the youth as they describe our current president as being hip and cool; someone who gets it and understand the voice of the youth.  Well, Julian Bond was the same for our generation. He spoke the words of truth for many of us.  I am sending my prayers and condolenscenes to his family in their time of mourning. I too understand how it feels to lose a pivotal part of your life.  When I lost my father, Hosea Williams, it was very difficult for my family and I, but we had to continue his legacy thru his many organizations, such as Hosea Feed The Hungry and HomelessJulian Bond was very proud of his son Mr. Michael Julian Bond, The City Councilman of Atlanta, Ga.  I say to him ‘Continue your Father’s work.’

Hosea Williams and Julian Bond had different ideologies, however they both could come together for the greater good of mankind. True leaders, true heroes.  As our elders transition, it is our responsibility as their offspring to continue a legacy of equality and justice for all.  Today, in our society, we need leadership. We need hope, we need guidance, and we need a change to save our youth. To save our country. As we continue the legacy of our fathers, we must not just continue to walk in their footsteps, but we must go beyond their work.

Julian Bond a prolific, brilliant man. A man who lived ahead of his time. A man who fought for our children, our race, and against poverty. A man who walked the walk and believed that change could come. A man who did not wait, but who took action. May his soul rest in peace and may his sacrifice make a difference in our world today.”