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8 powerful must-see images of Compton, California


The success of Straight Outta Compton has shed light on the issues many Black and Brown people face in South Central Los Angeles. But while the city of Compton continues to deal with poverty and crime, there are beacons of hope within the city.

Rolling out recently took a trip to Compton, California, to get a different perspective of the city.

Here are eight powerful images of Compton, California.

Photos: A.R. Shaw


There are over 100 murals in L.A. that feature the Black experience. Compton’s President Obama mural is one of the more significant Black murals on the West Coast. Painted in 2010 near the town’s city hall, it seeks to inspire a city that often lacks hope.


Located near the Greenleaf Parkway section in Compton, this mural features Dr. King speaking with a garden serving as the backdrop. The garden represents new life in an area that has undergone revitalization efforts.

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