Awdazcate presents 5th annual Waffle Fest; and yes, there will be waffles

DAZ (White)
Photo courtesy of Awdazcate

Music Festivals abound in Chicago during the summer. Artists from around the world come to showcase their skills at Lollapalooza, Northcoast and others. The consistent theme of many of these festivals is the lack of local Chicago artists who are able to participate. Many Chicago artists feel as though they need to leave Chicago to gain any type of success. This may have been true 15 years ago, but with the tools that are available these days, it’s easier to be known and share your brand. Chicago Rapper Awdazcate has taken it upon himself to create a festival showcasing Chicago talent and serve plates of waffles at the same time. We chopped it up with Awdazcate and talked about the state of Chicago hip-hop and Waffle Fest.

Tell us about yourself.

Born In Chicago. [I’ve] seen a lot and it made me the person I am today, raised in the culture of hip-hop.

What makes you unique as an artist?

No labels or restrictions. I know some people say that but look who stays for your shows and you see what you’re bringing to the table. I’ve been performing since 1988, breaking, deejaying, then emceeing, so it’s been a long road and I love it.

 How do you want your skills to affect the world?

Whatever moves you do it and learn how to adjust to the moment.

Photo courtesy of Awdazcate

What is Waffle Fest?

The best festival in Chicago for the people of Chicago. I promote independence and WF is just that indie love. Waffles and hip-hop under one roof.

Name some of the people you have on the bill.

Pugs Atomz, Ang13, Dj B Vax,Neak, Vic Spencer,Custom Made,5th Element to name a few. Chicago’s best.

What are your feelings about Chicago hip-hop?

It needs to understand we have an old school and grow from that, these young cats don’t know about building shows and relationships. [There are] a few [who are] carrying the torch but I want to see the unity passed on to the next generation. It’s always been a clique game in Chicago, but it comes down to the music, not the antics.

What encouraging words would you like to leave with our readers?

Believe in God because he believes in you.


Waffle Fest will be held Aug. 22 at The Promontory 5311 S. Hyde Park Boulevard.

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