Case talks ‘Heaven’s Door’ and the death of R&B at V103’s Sprite Lounge in Chicago


Case was in Chicago recently to perform at The West Side Music Festival. While he was in town he stopped by V103’s Sprite Lounge to hang out with some fans and talk about his newest release Heavens Door. Case has been around since 1996 and his fans have been with him all the way. These days he represents a seemingly dying breed of R&B crooner. He took time to discuss his thoughts on R&B and how he feels about contemporary R&B artists or the lack thereof.

The Sprite Lounge was full of fans and full of questions just for Case. He said that “You Just Don’t Know” is his favorite song off the album because it’s about his daughter. Case says that he has always known that he would be in the music industry, his mother would tell him that all he would do as a child is sing and dance and talk about how he would be famous, and it happened. He invisions the same thing for his daughter.


Rolling out asked Case if he felt like there was still a space for R&B in this musical climate.

“I think that back in the ’90s R&B and Hip Hop merged and what happened was that hip-hop kept its identity and R&B lost its identity. That’s why these days you can’t tell who is supposed to be a singer or who is supposed to be a rapper. It’s just lost.Black music has always told our story and my opinion is that there is way more to our story than strippers and popping bottles. It’s fun we enjoy that, but there is a lot more going on. There is no more love in the music, nobody is loving anyone, nobody is sorry. There are no protest songs, we have a lot to protest.  I did a cover of Inner City Blues by Marvin Gaye around the time of the Mike Brown incident because I feel like we needed to talk about everything.”

Case also mentioned he would love to do a song with Jazmine Sullivan, and he spoke of doing a song with Trey Songz, one of his favorites from this decade.

You can listen to Heavens Door by clicking the link

Take a look at some of the pics from the event below.

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