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Creflo Dollar says people who are against his $65 million jet don’t understand the Bible

Creflo Dollar via Instagram @worldchangersny

Photo via Instagram @worldchangersny

Creflo Dollar believes that people who are against his need for a private jet are not in touch with the Bible. During a recent sermon, Dollar spoke about the issue that created a stir several months ago.

Dollar initially posted a video on the church’s website asking for donations to purchase the $65 million private jet. He faced harsh criticism as many wondered why a preacher would need a private jet that was funded by his congregation. The video was deleted from the site days later. However, there was still an option on the website that allowed people to donate to his private jet fund.

In his latest response to the private jet controversy, Dollar told his congregation, “The devil will not be able to deceive you. You are about to do some miraculous things. Don’t get upset when people talk about things.”

Dollar then mocked his naysayers by saying in a silly voice, “What does a preacher need with an airplane?” The congregation laughed as Dollar followed by saying, “They will never know because they are not looking through the word. They will never know.”

Dollar will likely receive his coveted private jet because his followers believe that it will enable him to expand his ministry on a global scale. However, they are ignoring how much that $65 million could help kids who reside in College Park, Georgia, one of the most poverty-stricken cities in the state.