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Top 5 beauty books to read this fall

Photo courtesy: Amazon

The millennial era of beauty is all about the perfect contour and over-the-top airbrushing. Millions of young women are glued to YouTube channels watching makeup, hair and skincare tutorials from their favorite beauty gurus in hopes of gaining insight on how to achieve a flawless look. There are many videos on the internet with MUAs, hairstylists and estheticians dishing out beauty tips. Things can become rather overwhelming when determining whose beauty advice is genuine and who’s attempting to gain more online views by selling lies. While this industry is always changing, some aspects of the industry remain constant.

Take a break from the digital craze for a minute and engage in a few great reads that have been around for decades. Trends will always come and go, but the beauty tips and tricks in these books will always keep you on top of your game. Grab a cup of coffee and start discovering new ways to better your everyday appearance. Peep the list below:

Photo courtesy: Amazon

The Beauty of Color

By: Iman

International fashion supermodel Iman focuses on global beauty in The Beauty of Color. The book is noted as the first to support women of all ethnicities. Iman’s story is relatable for women of color who have struggled to find products that match their darker complexions. This beauty guide is over ten-years-old and continues to revolutionize the way black and Hispanic women look and feel by providing valuable advice that is genuine.

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