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‘Our community is our family,’ says Samuel Norris, III


Photo by R. Floyd Photo

Samuel Norris’ past experiences has propelled him to help families with his nonprofit. Healing our families will impact our communities and the world.
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Founder, International Model, Living Life and Successful Thinking Advocate
How did you get started modeling?
Modeling happened unexpectedly. It happened back in college in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was stopped by the school’s security and asked to follow her to an office where she introduced me to the university’s marketing director. The director was excited to ask me to participate in a campaign shoot for the school. I did it and soon enough, the following semester, my face was front and center of every brochure, billboards and other materials for the school. A few years later, I got back to modeling on a larger scale. I was asked to be a part of a photo shoot and that led to being booked for a runway fashion show. With the same designer, I was then booked in New York for Brooklyn Fashion Week. After that great experience, the opportunities were pouring in and as a model, I was able to travel the world.
How did the iamFAMily Foundation come to life?
iamFAMily Foundation is an extension of my heart’s desire, and that’s family. It started with the idea that I wanted everyone that I consider family to come together to just fellowship at a cookout. That thought alone triggered a sudden rush of ideas that make it the thriving foundation it is today.
What is required to participate with your foundation?
Participants must want to enhance and enrich the lifestyle of their own family. There’s a registration process, and we have a series of programs that we offer that members of our foundation participate in, learn and benefit from.
As a new nonprofit, what type of support do you need?
As a new nonprofit, we are seeking public and private funding, as well as, charitable donations of service and goods.
Where would you like to see iamFAMily Foundation in the next five years?
By the time iamFAMily Foundation hits its five year “FAMiversary,” I would love to see the organization have programs that cover categories such as: Nutrition & Fitness, Finances, Personal Development & Awareness, and Internal & External Healths.
In additiion, I would love to have offices in five states.