Claudia Jordan calls out social media trolls

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Claudia Jordan isn’t having it today. Long resigned to ignoring the constant wave of trolling that’s often directed towards public figures, Jordan has decided to stand up for herself by delivering some choice words to the social media trolls who constantly litter her social media accounts with everything from insults to death threats. While on the set of her cover shoot for rolling out, Jordan took some time out to directly address the idiocy virtues of trolling.

Claudia Jordan-Instagram
Claudia Jordan-Instagram

Here’s an excerpt:

“Just because you’re making money, you’re working, [or] you’re famous, you still have a heart, you still have insecurities, and you still have feelings. People think that because you’re famous, ‘oh you signed up for this.’”

“No. I still go home and have insecurities about my weight or my feet, or relationship stuff just like you do. People need to take that into consideration before you go on someone’s page and write something so negative … I’ve had death threats on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages because you’re upset about a scene that I did on a reality television show. I’ve had people threaten to kill my cat, or to harm my family members because you’re “Team Nene” and you think we hate each other. We don’t even hate each other … we don’t even have it like that. “

Claudia Jordan’s rolling out cover hits newsstands Sept. 17.

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