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Caitlyn Jenner contemplating new transition?

Photo Credit: Caitlyn Jenner's Instagram (@caitlynjenner)

Photo credit: Caitlyn Jenner’s Instagram (@caitlynjenner)

Caitlyn Jenner has already had a lot of work done to her body to complete her transition into a woman, but according to a new report, there’s one thing about her body that she doesn’t think is quite feminine enough: her voice. But is the reality TV superstar ready to get surgery to change her voice?

According to RadarOnline, Jenner was working with renowned voice coach Dr. Lillian Glass to feminize her voice through vocal training, and Glass even wrote about the sessions on her blog.

“I had the opportunity to work with Caitlyn Jenner to try to help her feminize her voice, speech patterns and body language. Our session was filmed for her reality show ‘I Am Cait.’ ”

The session has yet to air, but according to a source from the show, things didn’t go as well as Jenner had hoped when it comes to changing her voice.

However, what did come from the session is Jenner’s decision not to go under the knife to change her voice.

“Caitlyn asked Lillian what she thought of the surgery and Dr. Glass told her that she does not recommend it at all,” says the source.

“Dr. Glass told her that the success rate is extremely limited with the surgery, and that she could ruin perfectly good vocal cords,” the source said, “She told Caitlyn that surgery could result in vocal paralysis and she could end up with a breathy voice that will not even be loud enough to be heard.”

Since Jenner is a world popular television personality and a noted public speaker, the risk of damaging her vocal chords was just too much.

“Dr. Glass also told Caitlyn that she could end up with spastic dysphoria from having the surgery, which is when the vocal cords don’t come together and don’t vibrate well,” the source says.

Now, Jenner is reportedly just going to follow Glass’s directions on how to speak more like a woman.

“Dr. Glass told her that she needs to work on her communication skills,” the source said. “Being feminine isn’t just having a soft voice. Caitlyn needs to practice on gesturing, inflection, body language and other skills.”

“And to really start to sound like a woman, Dr. Glass recommended that she would need about three months of vocal training twice a week,” the source added.

Considering the riskiness of surgery, it’s probably best that Jenner opted out of it. And we’re interested to see how she’ll sound if she does go through with the voice lessons.