T.D. Jakes helps Angie Stone confront daughter she attacked

Photo source: "T.D. Jakes Show" via Youtube screenshot

The Potter’s House mega-church leader T.D. Jakes is test-running a weekday talk show for a few weeks. On the Aug. 26 episode, the “T.D. Jakes Show” welcomed R&B singer Angie Stone on the program to mend her deeply troubled relationship with her 31-year-old daughter.

The world learned that the vibe wasn’t peaceful between the 53-year-old songbird and her daughter, Diamond Stone, in March when Angie was arrested for domestic aggravated assault after the two got into a fight. Both women had different accounts of who started the physical altercation, but Angie said an argument had broken out after she asked Diamond to clean up after her children. Diamond was living with her mother at the time.

Angie reportedly slammed a metal stand into Diamond’s face and broke her daughter’s front teeth. The “Wish I Didn’t Miss You” singer was then arrested and booked in DeKalb County Jail.

The mother and daughter met face-to-face in front of Bishop Jakes and argued out their issue. Diamond, an aspiring singer herself, expressed her feelings of abandonment from her mother and said she felt like she was always living in the superstar’s shadow.

“She doesn’t behave as a mother should,” Diamond said when Jakes asked why she could barely look at Angie. “Most children gravitate to their mother for love, affection, support and understanding. I don’t get that from her.”

Angie admitted to providing Diamond with gifts in place of affection and quality time, but also said she was tired of dealing with her daughter’s mean side.

“I love my daughter,” Angie told Jakes. “The spirit that dwells within her is what I hate.”

Tears were shed and tempers flared, but Jakes was able to deliver both women to a point of understanding.

“She’s having a love-hate relationship with your career,” Jakes bluntly told Angie. “She loves it enough that she wants to be it, but she hates it because it took her place.”

Watch the full episode.

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