VMAs 2015: Gifs from MTV’s signature night

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MTV’s official Instagram page

The 2015 VMAs have come and gone, but not without some of the typical fireworks often associated with MTV’s signature night. But instead of boring you with extended prose on the cultural significance of Nicki Minaj’s ability to twerk, or the virtues of Taylor Swift’s existence on Earth, it would probably be best for us to just skip the fluff, and provide you with an abbreviated version of the night’s events, GIF style.

nicki red carpet

Well, you can’t really have an awards show without the red carpet, can you? I mean, how else would Nicki Minaj be able to double check that she put on deodorant before she left the hotel?

nickiIt wasn’t just about the red carpet for Minaj though, as she also hit the stage to open the show.

giphy (4)What better way for Minaj to use her moment in the sun than to twerk and slap Rebel Wilson’s a–? For what it’s worth, I couldn’t think of a better use of her time, either.

nicki and taylorIn the “surprised absolutely no one” moment of the night,  Taylor Swift joined Minaj on stage to bury the hatchet with a joint performance.

taylor_selena_weekendAfter her performance with Minaj, Swift resumed her typical awards show role with Selena Gomez as “the over-enthused fans who apparently know everyone else’s songs.”

bieberThe night also served as a comeback for Justin Bieber, as he returned to the VMA stage to perform.

miguelMiguel seemed to like it … or maybe he was just agreeing that you really can save a lot of money by switching to Geico.

mileyAnd how could we forget that Miley Cyrus was the host of the show? She even showed us that she was no pussy (visual pun intended) by throwing shots at Nicki Minaj in a sprawling interview leading up to the show.

giphy (2)Nicki certainly didn’t forget … you know, I actually think she wants to meet Miley backstage for a little chat about the importance of one’s ability to STFU.

taylor introducing kanyeAnd just when we thought they couldn’t possibly give Taylor Swift any more air time, she was back at it, this time introducing Kanye West for his Video Vanguard Award acceptance.

giphy (1)By the power vested in me, I now pronounce the Kayne-Taylor feud over.

kanye doesn't understandEven though, he was on stage to accept a prestigious award, Kanye still had a problem with why he was there.

kanye for presidentBut he decided to fix awards shows, along with everything else that’s wrong with the world, by announcing his presidential candidacy in 2020.

kanye sleepShould we tell you more about the show? Maybe after Kanye wakes up … I don’t want our future president to miss anything.

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