Women taking men on dates: Is there a problem?

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Let’s face it: a lot of women will live out 2015 and not go on a single date. Shocking statistics, but factual. I ask the question all the time to more than a million people and I am stunned to see that the majority of women have not been on a date in the recent past, or no more than one or two dates. Now there are a few things that can be blamed for this. A big issue is that a lot of women settle for men coming over to their places to watch TV, and then commence to having sex. That puts an entire new meaning on the old “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” scenario. When that sarcastic saying first emerged, it was referencing women having sex outside of marriage and the lack of motivation for men to actually put a ring on it. Now, women are doing all the wifely duties without the ring but I will table that discussion until later. This is about women paying to take men out on dates.

Women are oftentimes making more money than men these days and, let’s face it, dates can be very expensive. A movie for two, including concessions, will run at least $40. Tag a dinner for two onto that, with drinks, and you are looking at more than $100 for an evening out, not including gas, parking, and other potential costs. So, if a man makes $10 an hour, after deductions, that’s 25 percent of his take-home pay. Yes, I can see the eyes rolling and lips smacking now. The same goes for women who make the same income. So, what is the solution? Netflix and sharing a $5 bottle of wine?

I will be honest and say that I don’t personally pay for dates. I am old-fashioned like that. However, I am also not going to spend time with a man who doesn’t take me out on dates. For those women who are seeing men who may not be able to afford to take them out, do you have a problem paying? Why or why not? Do you feel a woman is lowering her value by paying for the dates? Are you content to sit at home and “date-in”? Would you be cool with a “cheap date” to a fast food place?

I also want to know how men feel about this topic. Do you have a problem with spending money on dates? What are your expectations if you do spend that kind of money? Do you think women should split the costs of dates? Would you look down upon a woman who asks you out and treats? Or would that turn you on? Do you feel like it makes you less of a man to allow a woman to pay?

Bottom line, who should pay to play? One or both parties?

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