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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ reunion part 2 best moments

Vh1 Screenshot

Vh1 Screenshot

Joseline gives details about her steamy night with Stevie and Mimi

Things pick up where they left off with Joseline hinting that she had a threesome with Stevie and Mimi. After little prodding, Joseline decides to tell it all and says that she and Stevie shared Mimi one night and that she performed oral sex on Mimi. Stevie claims that his memory is hazy on the night, but Joseline claims that she had to beg Stevie to have sex with Mimi during that night. Mimi claims that it was the opposite and that Stevie wouldn’t sleep with Joseline. Ariane confirms that she knew about the threesome, but Mimi maintains that it wasn’t a threesome, but that Joseline did perform oral sex on her.

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