Macy’s affords hip-hop generation opportunity to expand their brand through retail

Puff Daddy, Cassie Ventura and Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren at the 3AM fragrance launch in NYC
Diddy, Cassie Ventura and Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren at the 3AM fragrance launch in NYC (Photo by Steed Media Service)

Macy’s offers the hip-hop generation “success in a bottle,” a shirt and an idea that superstardom is available and accessible through “The Workshop at Macy’s.” If you’re into hip-hop culture and thought about designing a shirt, a hat or developing a fragrance, there’s one urban retailer that speaks the language of hip-hop and deserves kudos in New York City from Herald Square to Brooklyn.

Rihanna showcased her new perfume, RiRi by Rihanna, in downtown Brooklyn, of course, but for those who are studying hip-hop, its commerce and enterprise, Macy’s is the brand to align with.

Macy’s is the premier training ground for designers who want to participate and learn exactly what it takes to retail on a local, regional and national scale. For those who understand how to become superstars, it’s a destination for them to cultivate their brand.

Terry Lundgren, the CEO of Macy’s, was standing next to Sean “Diddy” Combs when he shared that he once worked at Macy’s. Diddy said he never imagined he would be standing where he is today when he was working as a cashier at Macy, but he knew success could be found here. Entrepreneur and marketing genius Diddy and his fiancée Cassie Ventura were launching his new fragrance, 3AM.

There is a blueprint for this level of success. Hip-hop stars Jay Z and Usher are others who’ve utilized Macy’s as a platform to extend their brands beyond the airwaves.

For all of those who are studying how to be successful, opportunity awaits — for Macy’s also recruits from HBCUs.

Rihanna is posh and pretty in pink at the RiRi by Rihanna fragrance unveiling at Macy’s downtown Brooklyn on Monday (Aug. 31) in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hagans/Steed Media Service)

Yes, new hip-hop executives from Black colleges are taking charge and leading the way at Macy’s. Just couple the new young executives in training at Macy’s with the African American young hip-hop brands, from Sean John to Rihanna’s various fragrance collections. Who could see this blueprint of success for urban brands at a huge, national retailer? This is the new identity for all who are looking to define themselves as successful hip-hop brands. It is here that the retailer can bring whether it’s apparel cosmetics even those brands like Marc Ecko and Rocawear, all doors of opportunity are open to grow their brands. There are those who still dream, and dreams come true to walk through the door and grow their brand at Macy’s.

Macy’s has given many opportunities to the hip-hop generation. Rihanna, Diddy and Jay Z have taken Herald Square and Brooklyn by storm with their wares. Congratulations to all and we look forward to more splendid working relationships with retail giants, so that these examples can inspire future hip-hop entrepreneurs and creatives to utilize Macy’s retail platform for their marketing efforts.

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