Serena Williams wins 1st match in US Open, then offers advice on healthy eating

Photo by Derrel Johnson for Steed Media Service
Photo by Derrel Johnson for Steed Media Service

The Queen of Tennis, Serena Williams, won her first match in the 2015 U.S. Open on Monday evening. Williams, who is going for her fifth straight Grand Slam tournament win, her first calendar Grand Slam, and her 22nd overall title, needs six four victories to accomplish that. Rolling out had the opportunity to attend the media event for Williams after Monday’s match and had an entertaining interaction with the Compton, California, native.

With a list of questions prepared for the tennis star, one question appeared destined to ask when Williams walked in with a vintage Nike T-shirt that read, “EAT RIGHT, GET LOTS OF SLEEP, DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS.”  Serena’s first response was “really” when asked about her T-shirt and what eating right meant to her. “So you came up with that question just from reading me shirt?  If I had worn a different shirt, would you have asked that question?”

I confessed that I would have, and she responded, “Credit to you, credit to you,” she said.

Then Williams followed up that comment with advice everyone can use..

“Eating right is so important I think for every athlete. You know, you are what you put in your body. It’s not [just] important for every athlete, it’s important to everyone. You eat bad things, you got to get that out, whether it’s performance or whether it’s just your daily life.

“As time goes on, it’s so important for people to really learn to eat healthy things that really can benefit their body,” she said.

It would be an understatement to say that Williams has mastered what benefits her body.

As for the T-shirt itself? “Actually this is a vintage Nike tee from like the ‘90s or late ‘80s … I can feel in the fabric how it’s just vintage. I’ve been wearing it the past couple of weeks,” she said.

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