K. Camp breaks down his new album, ‘Only Way is Up’

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K. Camp released his new album Only Way is Up on Sept. 4. The Atlanta native recently sat down with rolling out to break down several of the top songs from the album.

“Change,” featuring Jeremiah:

“The concept behind Change was really me giving everybody a background check on K Camp. I was going into detail about where I was from and the whole record was talking about change from the breakdown all the way to the end. This is one of those records that you can just feel, that touches your heart, and Jeremiah came and blessed it when we were in L.A. and added the finishing touches on it. This is one of my favorite records by the way.”

“Rollin” featuring Snoop:

“‘Rollin’ was originally made for Sevyn Streeter but I don’t know what the situation was but that record kept creeping up and we were trying to pick out the best records for the album. I didn’t want to use it unless Snoop was on it, so I called Snoop, he blessed it, and we remade a classic that I don’t think has been done yet.”

“Who Am I,” with Yo Gotti:

“‘Who Am I’ was a record that I made for Gotti. I was on the hook originally and I sent it out to Gotti for his album, but we needed one of those real records for the album, so we found out that Gotti wasn’t using the record no more so we had him lay one of his verses in the middle. I layed the second verse plus the bridge and that’s how we came up with that one.”

“Bitches N That Coupe,” featuring Houston legend Bun B:

“When I was coming up, UGK was one of the groups that I was tuned into. Bun B was one of my favorite artists at the time as well, so before I even popped I told myself if I ever got Bun B on a song, then I know that I officially made it so I met Bun B at Summer Jamz in Houston and originally I was supposed to have Nipsey Hustle on the record, but he was already working on a project so when I reached out to Bun, he sent a verse back to me within three days and when he did I felt like it was a goal that I had accomplished in my career.”

“Till I Die,” with T.I.:

“‘Till I Die’ was one of the last records that I recorded on the album. The whole album was already done but DJ TOOMP had played another beat in the lab while we was mixing everything down and I just felt that beat and I needed something on this album that was going to stand for Atlanta so it was only right to reach out to TIP and try to get him on the record and he hit me back just in time.”

“100” with Fetty Wap:

“The original 100 song was on my, “One Way,” mixtape and I met Fetty at SXSW last year and when I first met him he said that me and Gucci was his favorite rappers and usually rappers don’t tell rappers that so he told me that 100 was his favorite song so it was only right because Fetty is doing his thing so I put him on the record just off the love of the music.


“To be real, I didn’t know my father was going to do that. He was trying to be a rapper on the track, but he spit a whole 16 on it. I just needed something that made sense and that meant something, and I didn’t think it was going to happen when I reached out to him, but he ended up doing it and it went perfect. This record is going to mean something to me for a long time.”

On naming the album, “Only Way Is Up”:

“Only Way Is Up has been a quote that I’ve been going with for years and if you can look back on my Twitter page, like two or three years ago, I was tweeting, Only Way Is Up almost every other day and I just kept running with it. My, “In Due Time,” project that I dropped in 2013 was originally supposed to be titled OWIU but I had to bring it back.”

Listen to “Till I Die” feat. T.I.

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