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Dumblonde gives their take on why Danity Kane broke up

Dumblonde/YouTube Screenshot

Dumblonde/YouTube Screenshot

Fans cringed in disappointment last year when the remaining three members of Danity Kane broke up, once again, after Dawn Richard reportedly punched Aubrey O’Day in the head during a heated studio argument. Since then, Richard claimed that the breakup was spurred because O’Day and Shannon Bex were trying to monopolize lead singing time and were scheduling secret recordings without her, but now O’Day and Bex are sharing their side of the story on how the breakup went down.

Since the split, Bex and O’Day formed a new duo called Dumblonde and they appeared on Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” and O’Day gave her take on what happened during the attack.

“She [Dawn] sucker punched me in the back of my head. I ran out, like the White girl that I am. And I immediately got on my cell phone and I called the police. I’m from Palm Springs ok? It was drop, stop, grab your cell phone and call the police,” O’Day said.

Bex added, “There was no fall-out brawl, heightened situation. It was only one person who was acting erratic and cussing and sucker punched one other member.”

O’Day then challenged Richard’s claims that they were trying to manipulate her and their producers, saying it was Richard instead who was being the diva in the group.

“There was another case of manipulation and lying and pushing the solo project over the group. We found out about it…so we were all asked to come to the studio to discuss it. She started getting crazy. She was sitting behind me and I was just looking forward discussing what was happening. I was like, ‘Look, at this point this is unhealthy. We’re not on the same page, we need somebody to lead us. We’re not going to be able to shoot a video because of what homegirl has done and Shannon and I don’t deserve to, once again, have to pick up the pieces of somebody’s eff up,” O’Day shared.

But that’s not all she had to share:

On Richard allegedly sabotaging her and D. Woods.

“Straight up, straight up. I can fly it back to six years ago to the first time that I really learned what it was. We were in the studio with Diddy and he came out and was like, ‘Everybody get on your laptops right now and tell the world to buy your new album.’

“So all of a sudden, I get a text message from the girl, who was a fan, who ran my fan page. She asked me to meet up with her. So I go downstairs. And she says, ‘You know how there’s this name Xpithian–I think it was 14 or something like that, that’s been on the blogs for the past year and a half that started the rumor that I slept with Diddy, leaked it to Sandra Rose, started circling cellulite on specifically D Woods and I, called D. Woods a fat N word. This person called D. Woods that name. So anyways, those are just a few of the highlight specials of the nastiness that had been brewed up for the past year and a half. And I was always telling this fan to get rid of them, get rid of them. So all she can do, as a moderator, is read the IP addresses.

So anyways, I go down there to the fan that was running the site and she said what’s the computer that you just posted to everyone to buy you guy’s new album? I said, ‘Well, Diddy came in and he told us to get on the computer now. I don’t have my laptop so I got on Dawn’s. And the girl said, ‘That’s the IP address of XPithian.’”