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News » Surgeon claims Kanye West’s mom was given an overdose before death

Surgeon claims Kanye West’s mom was given an overdose before death

Dr. Jan Adams-YouTube Screen shot

Dr. Jan Adams-YouTube Screen shot

The tragic death of Donda West, mother of rapper Kanye West, is back in the news. The surgeon who performed cosmetic surgery on Donda West claimed that he was the fall guy for her death. Dr. Jan Adams spoke to media about the circumstances of her death and puts the blame squarely on her nephew Stephen Scoggins, who was acting as her nurse while she was at home recuperating from the surgery. Dr. Adams stated that he was opposed to West convalescing at home, but she insisted on   being treated in a make shift hospital room at her residence. West underwent an intensive procedure that included liposuction, a tummy-tuck and breast-reduction surgery.

According to Dr. Adams, Scoggins was supposed to provide round the clock medical care for his aunt; instead, he left her alone to attend a baby shower. Dr. Adams has notes indicating that Donda West was given 20 Vicodin pills in less than a 20 hour period of time. Such a large amount of the powerful narcotic pain reliever, he believes, led to her choking to death while she was unattended and lying on her back. Dr. Adams stated, “What’s Donda West’s problem? Her nurse wasn’t there. Her nurse was gone to a baby shower rather than taking care of his aunt. This lady shouldn’t be dead. All he had to do was sit her up.”

Since the death of Donda West, the medical practice of Dr. Adams has closed. While the coroner did not blame Dr. Adams for her death, he did file a complaint with the nursing board against Stephen Scoggins. The complaint was later dismissed after an investigation. Dr. Adams is now speaking out and is calling on Kanye West to make a statement. Adams states “The doctor had nothing to do with his mom’s death.  The truth when you bury it just grows bigger.”