Kylie dethrones Kim as most popular Kardashian via social engagement

Kylie Jenner writes cryptic message before dethroning Kim as most popular Kardashian (Kylie Jenner Instagram)
Kylie Jenner writes King Kylie – listed as most popular Kardashian (Kylie Jenner Instagram)

It’s official. We all saw this coming. Kylie Jenner has dethroned her famous sister as the most popular in Kardashian dynasty. This could quite possibly translate to the most popular girl in the world if our stats on the Kardashians are correct. TMZ host Harvey Levin discussed with his team why Kylie had been named Queen Bee, when her famous sister Kim was the beginning and the end of all things Kardashian. Not only is Kim the reason that we even know her K-labeled sisters exist but numbers don’t lie and Kim’s 46.3 million followers is superior to Kylie Jenner’s 36 million.

While Kim is still leading the pack with number of followers, Kylie’s followers are interacting more with her, which translates to social engagement, which means while girls may like looking at Kim, they actually want to interact and listen to Kylie. While Kim is the queen of somber selfies, Kylie’s social media showcases her having fun and teaching makeup tutorials. At barely 18, she has managed to eclipse her sister, simply by being closer to a “real girl” than her famous sisters.

Social relevance is being proved by the amount of time fans spend engaged with a celebrity as opposed to how many flawless images we hit a like button to appreciate. This could also explain why many fans see Rihanna as a more likable star than Beyoncé.

Beyoncé gives us photo shopped images we enjoy, but Rihanna is real, we can touch her. She actually tweets back and it’s not always with a politically correct response. Although we’re dealing in a world of Kardashian, it’s still apparent that authenticity wins. Being the Barbie on the shelf will never be more popular than one you can take out of the package and actually play with.

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