Nielsen African American consumer report: Increasingly affluent, educated and diverse

African American Report 2015 FINAL Cover
Source: Nielsen

The recent Nielsen report provides an untold look at African-American consumers, who are increasing in affluence, education, digital connectivity, and surprisingly, diversity by way of immigration. This year’s report examines trends in content consumption, purchasing power, social engagement, population shifts and several other new perspectives based on collective areas of press interest. Key findings include:

  • Spending money and time  – Each week, compared to all Americans, African-American adults spend more time watching TV, on PCs, on smartphones,  AND listening to radio! African-Americans earning $100,000+ watched NBA games and shows like “Empire,” “Scandal,” “How to Get Away With Murder,” “Black-ish,” “American Crime” and “Gotham” at a much higher rate than the total population.
  • Education and professional development –In 1976, only 41.6 percent of Black high school graduates were enrolled in a college or university. That percentage rose to 70.9 percent in 2014, exceeding both Whites and the total population.
  • Affluence as the new normal –

–  At every income level above $60,000, Black income growth outpaced White income growth from 2005 – 2013.

–  The percentage of Black households earning $200,000+ increased 138 percent from 2005-2013, far outpacing the rate for the total population (74 percent).

–  Real median household income increased more among African-American households (+$793) than among White households (+$433) and more than the total population, according to the U.S. Census.

  • Diversity increasing by way of immigration – The untold story of diversity within the Black American community is unveiled, a critical understanding for both marketers and politicians as we approach election season:

–   50 percent of Black immigrants in the U.S. come from the Caribbean (a majority of that number hailing from Jamaica and Haiti) but one third come from Africa, a figure that’s increased 24 percent since 2000.

–  Foreign-born Blacks are boosting the income of the African-American community. Black immigrants household income is 30 percent higher than U.S.-born Blacks.

–  54 percent of Black immigrants are U.S. citizens vs. 47 percent of all immigrants.

Read the full report here;–african-american-consumers.html​

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