Frankie Lons and her daughter Elite head to ‘Paternity Court’ looking for answers

Frankie Lons on Paternitv TV  Photo Credit: Russell Hayes/Orion Television
Frankie Lons on Paternitv TV Photo Credit: Russell Hayes/Orion Television

“Paternity Court” returns today for its third season. Just when you thought things couldn’t get anymore interesting between Frankie Lons (mother of R&B artist Keyshia Cole) and her children, Frankie has to overcome a longtime ongoing emotional hurdle between herself and her daughter Elite on the show:

“BET reality stars Frankie Lons and Elite Noel will appear on the September 24 edition of LAUREN LAKE’S PATERNITY COURT to determine the identity of Elite’s biological father.  Frankie, who admittedly lived a fast and irresponsible life back when Elite was conceived, confesses she does not know who her daughter’s biological father is and cautions young women about the dangers of sleeping with too many men.”

Many people including Elite and Neffie always assumed Neffie and Elite had the same father, because they highly favor each other. However, in the past couple years, Elite has been questioning Frankie as to who her biological father really is.

Frankie and Elite on Paternitv TV  Photo Credit: Russell Hayes/Orion Television
Frankie and Elite on Paternitv TV Photo Credit: Russell Hayes/Orion Television

All this has led the family back on television to seek answers with the assistance of the honarable judge Lauren Lakes, whom Frankie Lons is able to call friend of the family, as well. Immediately, when Lakes entered the courtroom and began to speak, I could tell this was a woman of concern and wisdom. “Paternity TV” is a real courtroom with real situations. The plantiff and defendant are real people with real questions that obviously have remained unanswered for too long. After the show, I was able to interview Lakes. Stay tuned to rolling out for that article coming soon.

“Paternity TV” issued the following in their press release regarding the return of the show and episode 1, season 3:

LAUREN LAKE’S PATERNITY COURT will return for its third season on Monday, September 21. The popular syndicated courtroom series features the sharp-witted presiding judge Lauren Lake who helps litigants resolve legal issues involving paternity using DNA results.

“I could line up five men here.  We’re talking 30 years ago and that’s sad,” reveals Lons during the proceedings.  As she becomes emotional recounting her story, Lons says, “These tears are for none of these people, none of these men, they’re for her.  Because no matter what, the test results will hurt, whether they are positive or negative.  She still has to live with my mistakes and I’m here to correct it.”

Lake, who previously served as the family’s life coach on the BET show “Frankie & Neffe” shared how impressed she is with Lons, who has built a stronger relationship with her daughters even as she battled her personal addictions.

“I know this family, I have counseled this family and I also know how important it is to get these issues resolved,” Lake comments.  “This is about her.  This is about her life and about getting the opportunity to put all her puzzle pieces together so that she gets to see her big picture.”

While Frankie and Elite have already tested one man on their BET reality show whom they suspected was the father, two more men will be brought into the courtroom to potentially determine if one is Elite’s biological father.

“I don’t want to be judgmental towards my mother because due to the circumstances from being on the streets and being on drugs and dealing with these type of men, I don’t want to judge her for that,” said Noel.  “But on another note I feel like why do I have to continue to suffer from the things that happened in the past?  The things that I couldn’t control then and the things I can’t control now.”

Lons reflects on the mistakes she has made in her life and offers it as a cautionary tale for women who are engaging in relations with multiple partners. “If we are going to let this be a lesson for all the women around the world, please limit your sexual partners and then you won’t have to go through this,” she says.

please visit the official LAUREN LAKE’S PATERNITY COURT Facebook page at, and follow the show on Twitter, @PaternityCourt, using the hashtag #PaternityCourt, as well as on Instagram, @PaternityCourtTV.

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