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Young actress Angel Winfield talks breakout role in film ‘Jimmy: Did You Get One?’

Jimmy: Did You Get One? is an amazing independent thriller with a fresh story and a talented cast. The film, created by newcomer Jerry May, premiered at the Landmark Theatres Midtown Art Cinema on Thursday to a great response.

The Georgia-based movie follows Jimmy, a man who had been brainwashed by his ruthless grandmother for much of his life. For two decades, she forces Jimmy to bring little girls to her from the neighborhood so that they can be tortured. But, when Jimmy captures a 13-year-old girl full of faith in God named Sara, her father’s determination to find her and bring her back home causes the unraveling of secrets and dysfunction surrounding Jimmy’s mysterious family.

Angel Winfield pulled off an amazing performance as Sara. The actress gained experience portraying different characters in school plays, but this role was different from all the rest, because she and Sara were so much alike.

“I could see myself in the character,” she told rolling out. “Sara was smart and brave, and this has always been my dream.”

Photo credit: DeWayne Rogers with Steed Media Service

‘Jimmy: Did You Get One’ premiere at Landmark Theatres Midtown Art Cinema on Sept. 24 (Photo credit: DeWayne Rogers with Steed Media Service)

Winfield, who also enjoys singing, dancing, and modeling, felt that the movie and her role had an important message to send to audiences. The film depicts kidnappings, which creator Jerry May recognizes as a very real problem in society. He was determined to raise awareness of the issue.

The actress even admitted that her favorite part of being in the film was “being able to live through what other girls go through, and passing on a message about what’s going on today in this world.”

When asked what’s next for Winfield in her career, she said she hopes to star in the film’s upcoming sequel.

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