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The Flying Steps showcase their moves during a beginners’ workshop

Flying Steps

Photo by Steed Media Service

In preparation for their three-day performance of the Red Bull Flying Bach in Chicago, the distinguished and celebrated dance crew The Flying Steps hosted a media workshop to showcase their moves.

Led by dancer Uwe Donaubauer, the workshop featured a beginners break-dance class where members of the media got in on the break-dance fun. Attendees got the chance to let loose and learn popular moves such as the “six-step” and “corkscrew.”

“The secret of Red Bull Flying Bach is that they mix Johann Sebastian Bach’s classical music with break-dance, which is something out of the ordinary for the human mind,” said Live Nation and Flying Bach tour manager.


The Flying Bach is a clash of cultures where classical music meets break-dance. The Flying Steps, four time break-dance world champions, deliver a creative performance set to Johann Sebastian Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier,” bridging the art forms of classical and urban culture. The elegant music along with explosive moves creates an amazing and entertaining show for people of all ages and demographics.


Flying Steps of Germany is an award-winning dance team that has succeeded in marrying urban dance culture with classical music. Founder Vartan Bassil partnered with Conductor Christoph Hagel and Flying Bach was born. Red Bull invested in a massive sponsorship as part of its branding investments in cultural events. This partnership created a powerful marketing platform to launch Flying Bach and they have successfully toured Europe, Australia and Japan. In 2014, Red Bull and Flying Steps appeared in North America with performances in Chicago, Toronto and Montreal.