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Janet Jackson’s hair withstands rain during Atlanta concert; ‘L.A. Hair’s ‘Terry Hunt tells how

Janet Jackson (press photo) Sorry, no press photography was allowed at the concert.

Janet Jackson (press photo) Sorry, no press photography was allowed at the concert.

‘L.A. Hair’s’ Terry Hunt talks Janet Jackson’s concert hairstyle

It was raining during Janet Jackson’s concert on Saturday night, Sept. 26, 2015, at Chastain Park Amphitheatre. Her style choice was very appropriate for a tour and the weather in Atlanta. She rocked long curly hair that was colored and highlighted to add more dimension and depth to her hairstyle, and it featured long layers to maintain fullness. It was classic Janet — a very popular natural curly style that was great for the rain and very water-friendly.

Here’s how to achieve Janet’s look at home:
Step 1: Use water and setting lotion to moisten the hair.

Step 2: Section the hair as you would do with individual braids.

Step 3: Begin the two strand twist braid method. At the end of each braid, use a small to medium perm rod with end papers wrapping the ends of the hair only in a verticle motion so the ends of the hair can spiral down. This will cause the ends of the hair not to be straight while setting.

Step 4: After finishing every section, sit under a hooded dryer for approximately 1.5 -2 hours or until dry.

Step 5: Once the hair is completely dry, remove the rods at the end and then begin to separate each individual twist/section. Use the Hair Hunt Sculpture Pomade to help separate each individual section. The pomade will add sheen and luster to the hair.

This is called the two-strand twist setting method to achieve natural-looking locks.

–Terry Hunt, “L.A. Hair”