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Daily affirmations: 7 days of motivation

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When making affirmations, we assume a new attitude. We take actionable steps to grow and renew ourselves from the inside out by finding prizes to read, increasing our vocabulary, and seeking to understand and love more.

Here, I am sharing daily affirmations that I have crafted and abide by.

Monday – I can be my best self when I recognize:
The greatness I choose to achieve has everything to do with my ability to be the best me possible,
Making every decision one that supports and protects myself;
And the truth from my greatness is realized as I make me the priority for forging a creative and successful path for myself.

Tuesday – I will not listen to:
Doubt that would cloud my judgment, make me disbelieve the infinite possibilities and miracles abound from me know.
I understand the doubt will come from a very negative place and that it has no place inside my mind.
It is not something I should repeat myself. I will not listen to doubt at all for it is not my friend.

Wednesday – I will communication each and every day with:
Someone who understands my successful habits, and
Someone who understands removing the habits that are not best for me.

At this moment, I claim my greatness. I understand I am new because I choose to renew my faith and strength in knowing how great I can be.

Thursday – There is a destiny for me. I understand everything I say and do today adds up to me following the path of my destiny. I will reinforce my commitment to my purpose by reading material that allows for me to evolve.

In developing my character, I will repeat words speak life into my destiny.

Friday – Fear is not my friend. My attention and focus are not fashioned by fear. I stare back at fear stone-faced. I know it’s ability to paralyze, leaving one unable to make a decision. Fear is not a friend to anyone who wishes to walk in great footsteps, live life at its highest point and stay on a mission that disallows it. Fear must be moved out of the way or brought into perspective. Fear, I slay you. I do not see you as a friend. I did not see you as an enemy. I see you in motion that’s confusing to mankind. I choose to place my faith in front of you. I will place my faith behind you. I will place my faith on top of you. I will face place my faith forward, leaving you behind and knowing that as I walk closer to my fate fear has no place walking with me, talking to me or speaking into my reality.

Saturday   I must be able to have conversations with myself, ones that motivate me and help me to understand who and what I choose to be. Conversations with myself that rest assured will be reinforced by daily reading. Consuming the works of great thinkers who preceded me and shared their perspective in their writings, paintings, letters and music, challenging me to think deeper. It’s spiritual and educational growth.

Sunday – Angels fly high. They walk among us. I’ve known spiritual leaders and prophets who understand they are here to give themselves, be faithful, witness miracles There’s something so mystical and magical. The angel’s presence transcends whatever we imagined. There’s hope for the hungry. Those who are fed spiritually through lyrics and song. I will be as angelic as possible, feeding myself and others with spiritual food, sharing only good news about the angels who walk among us, as those opportunities present themselves. I will feed the hungry. I will give the unexpected gift. I will care for the unknown.

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  1. Jonell Whitt on September 30, 2015 at 8:51 am

    This is a great article and these are great affirmations to live by! I wish I could order the wallpaper and wallpaper my room and my kids room with this! I LOVE THIS! Whomever wrote this is GENIUS and forever has MY VOTE! I’m impressed