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Crystal Renay opens up about Ne-Yo, Monyetta Shaw

Photo Credit: Ne-Yo’s Instagram (@neyo)

Photo credit: Ne-Yo’s Instagram (@neyo)

Crystal Renay has come under a lot of fire over the last few months over everything from her engagement to Ne-Yo, her alleged beef with his ex-fiancée, Monyetta Shaw, and her pregnancy with Ne-Yo’s child. Now, in a new interview Renay finally shares her side of the story and opens up about her engagement to Ne-Yo and her relationship with Shaw.

In a new interview with, Renay opens up about Ne-Yo proposing to her. She explains that he proposed privately several months ago but decided to publicly propose to her to silence critics.

“On my birthday, he just decided to re-propose because he didn’t like the way people were treating me,” Renay said.

Renay then explained that the criticism she’s endured over her relationship with Ne-Yo has been difficult to deal with. The most recent of which involved rumors that Ne-Yo was cheating on her with a stripper and that she’d left him over the infidelity. However, Renay silenced the rumor quickly after it blew up.

“[The toughest part of our relationship] are the misconceptions and the [outside] negativity that surrounds it. Inside of our relationship, we are amazing. We’re happy! We communicate very well [and have done so] from the very beginning,” Renay said.

Renay then spoke about her relationship with Shaw, whom many believe to be bitter about Renay’s engagement as well as her pregnancy with Ne-Yo’s child.

See what Renay had to say about Shaw after the cut.

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  1. Mark Finley on February 28, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    Monyetta Shaw is a trashy hoe who’s sleeping with Malcolm Jamal Warner although she knows he’s involved with other people…he’s not the first person she’s done that with. I’ve never been a Neyo fan, but don’t paint him as the villain.