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Kissing your ex’s cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles

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I am absolutely stunned by the amount of people who find it acceptable to date, marry, impregnate, or simply slap skins with someone related to their exes. Recently, I heard about a man who was married for decades, had children and grandchildren with a woman, and then married her first cousin after their divorce.

Yes, you read that correctly. He got remarried to the daughter of his former father-in-law’s brother. Complicated, right?

I thought so as well until I heard about two sisters who married two brothers, and cheated with the other’s spouse. Then both sets got divorced and remarried the other sibling’s ex-spouse. Then there is the man who has been married to three different sisters and has children with two of them. I just don’t get it. Billions of people in the world and you have to go and hook up with the aunt or uncle of your kids?

Speaking of the kids, how confused and ashamed must they be? Not to mention if there are grandchildren involved. I don’t see the value in causing such chaos in one family. It is bad enough that so many children are growing up in dysfunctional households, but to further compound matters by making foolishness their sense of normalcy is truly saddening.

Here is the thing: chances are that everyone will cross paths at some point, especially if there are children in the mix. Statistics have shown over and over again that a high percentage of people take a long time to get over their exes and many never get over them, even years or decades after the fact. That means that it is highly probable that lingering feelings will be running amok and the exes could actually reconcile. If they don’t actually get back together, they could definitely cheat with one another.

All it takes is space, opportunity and a few memories of hot sex flooding back. Then it will be on and popping and who can blame them since it is almost to be expected?

Have you ever hooked up with a relative of an ex? Would you ever consider it? Should people take love as they find it, even if it will cause a lot of drama and conflict in a family? Let me hear your thoughts.