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ComEd’s ‘Smart Grid’ will save you money

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Power is something we all seek to have. We want to be in control of our families, finances, career, and even our utilities. ComEd is making that happen for consumers with their new Smart Grid. So what are the factors that make a grid “smart”? According to ComEd, “in the same way that today’s smart phone technology merged the power of computers with cellular phones, smart grid technology merges the power of computers with the electric grid.”

The new ComEd smart grid will be more dependable with fewer and shorter energy outages. The upgrades bring a more reliable power network, which means fewer outages will lead to lower operating costs and savings passed to ComEd customers.

The new smart grid uses technology to detect potential problems before they occur, delivering peace of mind to you and your family. Does it offer automatic outage detection? Check. Once the grid is complete, you won’t have to call to report an outage. Intelligent substations detect potential problems and automatically notify ComEd to help prevent power outages.

Here’s how financial savings are determined; the lower operating costs become savings on your electric bills. Customers who get the smart grid also have the opportunity to join a rebate pricing program.

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