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Let’s talk about memes


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Sometimes I cringe when I see certain memes. Not all because some are mad funny. I am talking about the ones that were obviously created by bitter women and men who have made wrong decisions when it comes to love and decide to degrade or humiliate an entire gender. Like the one that asks for men to identify themselves if they have a high school diploma, no felony convictions and only one baby momma. (Oh, they spelled it “moma.”) Shame on it all.

Then there is the long one talking about how men ain’t sh*t and they expect women to cook, clean, etc. when they have nothing to bring to the table. There is a ton of them using the N word and B word to describe people and don’t get me started on the ones that degrade people on their overall looks. We are our own worst enemies. Instead of trying to lift each other up, we find every opportunity to ridicule other people.

Now I agree that there are some photos that never should have been taken in the first place. But there are also the photos that people take on the sly out in public and then post them with some degrading statement online. It often seems like many adults have reverted back to their childhoods and not because of age or senility; just immaturity.

Here is my point: if you are upset about your current or past relationships, at some point you need to shoulder the blame. If you continue to date the same kind of losers over and over, that is a choice you are making. Most people are in the exact kind of relationship that they want to be in. After all, it is rare that someone is being forced to stay. There is an exception when it comes to abuse. Sometimes it is not that easy to leave but most people can just do it.

If your man never takes you out on a date, why does he even have that title? If he is not contributing to the household, why is he laying his head there? If he is trifling and expects you to take care of him, what does that say about you if you are actually doing it? You can’t keep placing the blame on others instead of looking in the mirror.

Back to the memes. I encourage everyone to stop the madness. When you post things, retweet or share them, you are saying a lot about yourself. I post memes from time to time but never the ones that I am mentioning here. Why don’t I post them? Because I’m not bitter. Are you?