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Draya’s exit, 2 vajayjays, and a Backpage profile make ‘Basketball Wives LA ‘ season 4 reunion fiery


“Basketball Wives L.A.”. season 4 VH1 cast promo pic

“Basketball Wives L.A.” finished its fourth season, and it feels like we’ve heard the nasty attitudes and aggressive behavior, and seen the elaborate weaves and MAC makeup before. Watching season veteran Jackie Christie go back and forth with newcomer Brandi Maxwell and Meghan James is as exhausting as it was four seasons ago when we met Instagram favorite Draya Michele. When taking in the entire cast, the one thing that everyone has in common is that they are the sexiest version of themselves imaginable —at least at the beginning of the show. Later, there is footage of the ladies physically fighting, pulling each other by the hair and even spitting on each other. (I believe the first time we saw that was back in the first season of “Flavor of Love” via Flavor Flav). In any case, we’ve progressed since the early days of reality show shock value, and today when a beautiful Black woman throws a full plate of food across the room to connect with the back of another sista; we don’t even flinch. Instead, we assume the series will return next season.

A former charm and etiquette instructor, admittedly it’s difficult for me to witness women slinging f-bombs back and forth at each other like a tetherball, and it pains me to realize that today’s women don’t realize that there is a reason that women are encouraged to sit with their knees together when wearing a dress, not because it’s restricting but because it keeps one’s lady parts covered. Information that one would assume 46-year-old Christie was privy to prior to her appearance on the show, but obviously she was not. Christie’s vajayjay was the first to make an appearance on the reunion show, not to be upstaged by 20-something Meghan James, who insisted that the scarf she twirled around her body as a bikini was appropriate until water hit it and she realized it wasn’t exactly a real bathing suit. Enter vajayjay number two.

Our champion boss chick, Shaunie O’Neal, remained stoic and unbothered during much of the show, but occasionally she did give an encouraging “high five” to Tami Roman as she slung curse words across the room and informed one of the other ladies that if her husband ever stops playing ball she was going to need checks! And checks are the name of the game, in order to continue receiving a check, one must be as outrageously engaging as possible in order to solidify their slot. So while O’Neal isn’t an active participant, it’s apparent she’s not going to make any sudden moves to stop the salacious ratings. Carry on, ladies.

Later during the festivities, the ladies spoke about their philandering athletic objects of affection, while mostly representing the visual of the arm piece or trophy wife. Cancer was made light of, because it was important to move on to something that would “give you a great story.” Eventually cast member Angel Brinks’ escort profile was revealed, after which one of the ladies exclaimed, “So what? You can be a fashion designer and a h-!” And that sums up the reunion, in fact, that may indeed sum up “Basketball Wives L.A.”


  1. FuZ on October 12, 2015 at 10:35 am


  2. Camille Renell on October 14, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    Shaunie hides behind Tami “the bully”. I’m glad that Brandi checked her because Shaunie and Tami were acting very catty and childish. Just because someone is the boss doesn’t mean that they cannot use a bit of criticism.

    • kim on October 18, 2015 at 12:22 am

      Camille I didn’t see where Shaunie was disrespectful, I thought that she was neutral until it just became too much with Brandi and Malaysia, I really do feel like Brandi is hurt because of her situation with her husband and the fact that she has had problems conceiving because of cancer, she has been angry and taken it out on everyone, from the first time Shaunie and Tami met her she had been defensive and just mean from the start, and as for Malaysia I truly do not feel like she will quit the show if Brandi is kicked off, she has herself and her children to take care of

      • Camille Renell on October 18, 2015 at 5:30 pm

        Kim I was tripping on Malaysia because after all the battles that Brady has fought for her, her lips were sealed when Shaunie dismissed her. As for Shaunie and Tami, just like they talked about Jackie being older then the other girls, I know tgat they are also. Tami is always relling somebody to get over their divorce, cancer etc. But when it affects her, its another story. I just feel Shaunie and Tami was acting immature. Also I can see Shaunie acting as if she’s better than others. I have a friend that bumped into her at a mall in Cali, when my friend asked to take a pic with her, she declined and said it was because she didn’t have make up on. She’s always on tv barefaced. U may say thats her prerogative and ur right however my friend could’ve just took a picture from afar w/o even asking. She should be flattered because after all, she’s only famous because of who she married. She wasn’t with him shooting in the gym! #Ihadtodoit#

        • Caligirl77 on October 19, 2015 at 7:27 am

          I actually agree with Kim…Brandi has undermined issues… Thats she needs to seek inmediate therapy and Basketball Wives is not the platform for it. Tami and Shaunie are older Vets in the did all that before in Miami… So they see them as being childish and immature as hell.. Which they are who keeps defending a grown woman???it isn’t 6th grade like come on you don’t have to keep taking for somebody its one thing to ride… Sheesh!!! And Meghan needs guidance and get that body together… She wants to keep egging stuff on because she thinks its the Bad Girls club and wants to keep stuff going… Im over watching her she just hella mad at Draya so she took it out Angel just because she said exactly.. Tami waaay more crunk about saying she didn’t know Jackie puuuhleeze!!! Im over BBWLA….