Kordell Stewart denies he’s gay, again

Kordell Stewart/YouTube Screenshot
Kordell Stewart/YouTube Screenshot

Gay rumors have plagued Kordell Stewart for two decades now, but the talk around Stewart’s sexuality skyrocketed earlier this month when viral internet sensation Andrew Caldwell claimed that he’d slept with Stewart and a number of other sports stars before being “delivered” from homosexuality. Not surprisingly, Stewart immediately denied the allegations and now he’s denying them once again to non-believing fans.

During a recent appearance on “The Big Tigger Show,” Stewart talked about a rumored feud with Bow Wow earlier this month, in which the rapper reportedly blasted Stewart and called him a “sissy” after Stewart liked an Instagram pic of Bow Wow’s baby’s mama, Joie Chavis.

“I mentor a lot of young men and I talk about not dealing with the petty stuff. I’m a grown man, dog. We on Instagram, social media. You press ‘Like’ on a picture. What’s the problem? I didn’t know who she was. I’m not here to put anyone on blast, but come on man. That’s petty,” Stewart said.

He added, “Trust me, he didn’t threaten me. But he spoke his peace. He likes to talk.”
Stewart then spoke about the rumors that he slept with Caldwell and explained, “I’ve never met the brother before.”

Although he denied sleeping with Caldwell, he explained that he has no problem with Caldwell’s sexuality.

“It’s a free country … You do what you please. I am not a gay man. I am heterosexual man,” Stewart said.
But that’s not all he had to say. Read his comments about Porsha Williams, after the cut.

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