BMW Dallas ride and drive featured fast cars, fresh food from chefs Roblé and Tre Wilcox

IMG_0525The BMW ride and drive experience just keeps getting better as the tour moves around the country. The most recent stop in Dallas had all the elements of an especially fun way to start your Saturday night before heading out or just returning home.

BMW i8

Everyone had a chance to drive their favorite BMW and, of course, the i8 was the most in demand car of the evening. If you don’t know, the i8 is the limited production car considered the first sports car with the consumption and emission values of a compact car.(see the picture above). It’s been in huge demand since its launch a year ago. It is definitely a car we’d all love to have in our garage.

Now don’t get it twisted, each model in the BMW series of cars can be called “the Ultimate driving machine.” I drove the 600 and 700 series and they are beasts, yet smooth as silk.

Immediately after the driving came some of the most fantastic eating you could ask for. Chef Roble and Dallas hometown favorite Chef Tre Wilox, created a three-course masterpiece and then answered everyone’s cooking questions. So what did we have? We started with a spicy, chicken quinoa salad followed by shrimp and grits (also spicy) and finished with bread pudding. Paired with your choice of wine (or beer) made it all come together.

When asked the five most important things you should have in your kitchen for good cooking, Roble replied, “your two hands” because that’s where the love for the food begins. Chef Wilcox followed by adding “a good blender and a really good sharp knife:. Chef Adam Banks finished by stressing the importance of your cookware. They all agreed that thick bottomed pans made of good steel distribute and hold the heat so much better than thinner/cheaper pots and pans that they feel handicapped and can’t do their best work if they come to someone’s house to cook and there isn’t quality cookware to use.

The next stop on this nationwide tour is Chicago (sorry, it’s already overbooked).

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