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Son charged with killing father’s fiancée

Marquail Allen Burney (Source: Bladen Co. Sheriff's Office)

Marquail Allen Burney (Source: Bladen Co. Sheriff’s Office)

Sometimes children of divorced or broken homes have a hard time adjusting to a parent’s return to dating. When it comes to remarrying, that can also bring on a whole new set of challenges for the children. But in the case of Marquail Allen Burney, 20, of Bladen, County, North Carolina, something went horribly wrong.

Burney now stands accused of murdering his father’s fiancée, Crystal Dionne Cruz. Apparently Burney’s father, David Burney, came home from work late in the evening and was surprised that his live-in fiancée was not home. When he questioned his son about her absence, he walked away from his dad without giving a satisfactory answer. That’s when the father notified police that Cruz was missing. Police arrived at the home and began a search and found Cruz’s body in a vehicle located in the family’s backyard.

Police began to search for Marquail for further questioning and what happened next was disturbing. Marquail had stolen a car from a local business and was found hours later in a parking lot of a retail store. It was then that police arrested him and charged him with murder.

No motive has been determined for the killing and the investigation is ongoing.



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  1. Pdiddy on October 16, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    Let just say he has abandonment issues…. Separation anxiety…. still no excuse to kill….