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Milan Christopher and Miles Brock back together

Milan Christopher and Miles Brock/YouTube Screenshot

Milan Christopher and Miles Brock/YouTube Screenshot

It seemed like love was gone for “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” stars Milan Christopher and Miles Brock last week when Christopher revealed that he and Brock had broken up and weren’t on good terms. But like with most reality TV couples, it seems the two aren’t done with each other yet because they recently announced on national TV that they’re back together.

As previously reported, Christopher announced the breakup in a scathing Instagram diss to Brock, claiming Brock was just using him to get fame on reality TV.

Photo Credit: The Shade Room's Instagram (@theshaderoominc)

Photo Credit: The Shade Room’s Instagram (@theshaderoominc)

However, the hip-hop couple was singing a different tune when they appeared together on the “Wendy Williams Show” and announced that they’re a happy couple again.

“Yeah we’re still together,” Christopher said.

When Williams asked them about the breakup, the pair explained that they go through breakups like every other couple.

“You know how couples are. We go back and forth. He did something like…I didn’t appreciate him posting me on Instagram with his ex [Amber]. Anybody who would post their current with their ex – It kind of just made me feel a certain kind of way. So I was kind of upset but he explained to me what it was and we’re back together,” Christopher explained.

The couple also gave an update on whether they’re living together.

“No. not currently,” they said. Christopher added, “We got back to the place where we’re gonna move back together.”

But that’s not all the couple discussed. See what they had to say about Brock’s ex-girlfriend, after the cut.

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