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Milan Christopher opens up about his struggle with Miles Brock’s bisexuality

Photo Credit: Milan Christopher's Instagram (@milanchristopher)

Photo Credit: Milan Christopher’s Instagram (@milanchristopher)

Milan Christopher and Miles Brock have opened up about a lot of their romantic struggles on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood”; mainly Brock’s struggle to come out of the closet and be open about his relationship with Christopher. But something Christopeher has struggled with is Brock’s bisexuality, which he admits left him insecure about where his boyfriend’s attraction lies. But Brock recently explained that a surprising comment from a fellow celeb helped him come to terms with Brock’s sexuality.

In a recent interview with NewNowNext, Christopher spoke about his relationship with Brock and he explained that a conversation with stylist Bevy Smith changed his viewpoint on bisexuality: “I did this interview with Bevy Smith yesterday, and she brought up bisexuality and I was like ’Oh, it’s just so confusing because I don’t know if he’ll wake up one day and decide he wants to be with a girl,’ and she said, ‘Baby, it doesn’t matter. One day he can wake up and say he wants to be with a light skinned guy with green eyes. Don’t be insecure. If he’s with you at that moment, then he’s with you.’ Up until yesterday, literally, I’m thinking, ‘this is bullshit’ and now my entire view of bisexuality has shifted.”

This is just the latest obstacle that the couple has had to overcome recently; the other being a surprising split between the two over an Instagram photo Brock posted of his ex-girlfriend and Christopher together.

Luckily though, Brock and Christopher reunited shortly afterwards.

“You know how couples are. We go back and forth. He did something like…I didn’t appreciate him posting me on Instagram with his ex [Amber]. Anybody who would post their current with their ex – It kind of just made me feel a certain kind of way. So I was kind of upset but he explained to me what it was and we’re back together,” Christopher explained on the “Wendy Williams Show” this week.

We’re glad the couple is finding a way to make it work, but that’s not all that Christopher discussed in his interview with NewNowNext. See what he had to say about gay rappers in hip-hop, after the cut.

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  1. Kim on October 22, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    I don’t why people feel so insecure when dating a bisexual person.If they are committed to you it doesn’t matter that they are attracted to both men and women.So what they have twice as many people to cheat with or more options.Either they are faithful or not.