Don Lemon blasted for defending White cop who assaulted Black girl at Spring Valley High

spring valley high
Photo credit: screenshot YouTube

CNN’s Don Lemon has created another firestorm with his antics on “CNN Tonight.” During a heated discussion regarding the attack of a Black female student by the hands of a White sheriff at Spring Valley High in Columbia, South Carolina, Lemon decided to defend the sheriff.

After playing a clip of the video where Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields grabs the student and drags her across the room, Lemon revealed that he needed more evidence before passing judgement. Former federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin yelled at Lemon and told him that the evidence is captured on video.

The student never resisted arrest and was thrown across the room in a display of excessive force. Furthermore, Fields has a history of abusing unarmed Black people.

In 2005, Fields beat a Black army veteran for playing his music too loud. He also encouraged his partner to assault his wife.

Lemon clarified his statement by saying, “Sunny, before we run out of time. What we’re seeing as everybody has said, it looks disturbing. But you want to know more because if this officer is indeed, if he does anything wrong, you don’t want him to get away with anything because you did not get all the information. You want to see everything in context.”

Lemon continued to receive an equal amount of harsh comments from Twitter users who were appalled by his stance.

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