Why so many hot women can’t get a hot date

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Not a week, or even day, goes by when I don’t receive emails on top of emails from attractive, successful and stable women who can’t seem to get a date to save their lives in their local area. Yet, many of them have men trying to pick them up on the Internet all day, every day. Recently, I received an email from a woman who wanted to know why men were all over her online but no one ever approached her in real time.

It is actually quite simple, in my opinion. People are more apt to do and say things online that they would never do or say in person. When they are on dating sites where people are, without a doubt, seeking companionship,  that makes men even more bold and brazen. In person, not so much. Men don’t want to face rejection if they approach a woman who might be in a relationship with someone else. Men don’t want to approach a woman who turns out not to be attracted to them. Men would rather go through galleries of photos on the Internet and pick and choose which women to try to engage in conversation instead of taking random shots out in the streets. Sad but true.

It is the only thing that makes sense, if you think about it. Obviously, it is not the appearances of the women if men are hitting them up right and left on the Internet. It is all about being lazy to some degree. They can sit on their laptop or phone and text or inbox a half-dozen women at the same time instead of putting time and effort into just one at a time. They can see pictures of the women in all kinds of angles and shots to see if they are truly feeling them like that. They can rest assured that the women must at least feel like they are worthy of some time if they are texting or inboxing them. It makes life so easy but I am not sure if it makes it more fun.

Women who cannot get dates in real life need to go out and do the things that they enjoy and be around people with similar interests. One thing is for sure: men are not going to fall into their laps at home while they are surfing the Internet. Everyone needs to take some time out to smell the actual air and the actual flowers.

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