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Will Lucious Lyon be Terrence Howard’s last role?

Terrence Howard/YouTube screenshot

Terrence Howard/YouTube screenshot

Terrence Howard has always been a powerful force on-screen and he’s garnered awards and accolades for over two decades thanks to his noteworthy acting chops. Lately, he’s been keeping fans excited with his highly popular role as Lucious Lyon on FOX’s mega-hit show “Empire.” And although many assumed that Howard would continue to act alongside many other veteran greats when the show eventually comes to an end, he recently revealed that he plans to retire a lot sooner than anyone ever thought.

In a new interview with “Extra,” Howard spoke about his rise in popularity and explained that he’s still not used to being one of the most famous men in TV.

“I was never as famous as a film actor as I am now,” said Howard, adding that his success is still a shock to him. “I’m still trying to stay in the game with the Cookie Monster.

“When you have Taraji P. Henson on your coattails, I’m like, ‘Am I still number one? Is it still my show?’ Yeah, I’m number one. It’s still mine,” he added.

Howard may be enjoying a zenith moment in his popularity, but he isn’t letting the fame go to his head. In fact, instead of trying to gain more attention, Howard is planning to do the exact opposite and make his grand exit from the world of acting in the next few years.

“I want to give Lucious the rest that I have in this creative space, and then I want to raise my son,” Howard revealed.

Howard’s son won’t be the only one getting all of his attention after he retires. Howard also plans to spend as much time as possible with his wife.

“I’ve got a beautiful baby boy. I’ve met my one, and I’ll be with her until time definite,” Howard said.

Well, we’ll hate to see Howard leave acting behind, but he’s definitely become a legend in his own right and he’s certainly earned the right to sit back and enjoy home life.