People who’ve died over chicken and ribs

New Cosby accuser tells story of rape and barbecue ribs

Cosby Accuser Kathy McKee on Sanford & Son episode (Photo Source: NBC Entertainment)
Cosby accuser Kathy McKee on “Sanford & Son” episode (Photo source: NBC Entertainment)

A strange tale involving Bill Cosby, rape and barbecue ribs has emerged as another Cosby accuser has comes forward. This time the accuser is Katherine McKee, the former mistress of famed entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. As with most of the Cosby accusers ,her alleged assault took place more than 40 years ago but she has waited until now to talk about the alleged assault.
McKee claims that the assault took place in Detroit sometime in the early 1970s. Cosby needed McKee to take him to a yacht party and pick up some barbecue ribs from a well known Detroit eatery. She claims that she got the ribs and drove to Cosby’s hotel to pick him up for the party. McKee stated she knocked on the door and Cosby answered the door dressed only in a robe and a hat. He then took the ribs from her, spun her around, bent her over and “had his way.” McKee goes on to say that it was quick “Bada-Boom, Bada-Bing” and Cosby got dressed, got the ribs and she drove him to the party. She says after the assault  Cosby seemed like a different person, very dark in behavior and not who she was used too normally. But this did not stop McKee from attending the party, staying and mingling with others. She claims she never told Sammy Davis Jr., because he had a lot of other personal issues going on his life. She only told a few girlfriends about the incident because she felt embarrassed and did not want to play the role of a victim. McKee wonders to this day why he had to assault her, when he had so many women, more than willing to be with the comedy legend.

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