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Khloe Kardashian opens up about James Harden, having kids

Khloe Kardashian

Photo credit: @khloekardashian via Instagram

For weeks now, fans have been talking non-stop about Khloe Kardashian and her tumultuous marriage to Lamar Odom, whom she decided not to divorce after he nearly died from a reported drug overdose. Although many assumed she was getting back with Odom, she clarified that she’s still dating NBA star James Harden. Now, Kardashian is opening up about her new romance and what she thinks about having kids in the future.

In a new interview with Yahoo! Style, Kardashian explained that she learned the hard lesson from her marriage with Odom that the public doesn’t need to know every detail of her private life, and that includes sharing too much of her relationship with Harden.

“I haven’t really spoken a lot about him,” Kardashian said. “I’ve learned from experience you just never know what happens in life. I’ve chosen to keep things closer to my heart until I figure it out. I love hard, I love who I love, and I don’t make any qualms about it.”

Although Kardashian’s relationship with Harden has, understandably, been under some strain since she pledged to stay by Odom’s side during his recovery, she claims that she and Harden are still committed to each other.

“Not everyone needs to know everything about you — I know that sounds crazy coming from me. There’s already so much access to [my family], I wanted to keep a little percentage of my life just for me,” she said. “Right now, at this moment — I can’t even tell you what’s going to happen in 30 minutes, which I’ve learned recently — but James and I are great, and we’re on a great page. As of this moment, he’s been very supportive. He and I are doing just fine.”

That’s not all Kardashian had to talk about it. Read what she had to say about Odom, as well as her thoughts on having kids, after the cut.

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