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Health » Corey Walker’s tips to minimize weight gain during the holidays

Corey Walker’s tips to minimize weight gain during the holidays

Corey Walker

Photo courtesy of Corey Walker

So much time is focused on food as a means of celebration and tradition during the holidays. While it is perfectly fine to enjoy all of the great food and fellowship, we must be mindful of the day after. We must remain focused on being as healthy as we can.

We asked fitness instructor Corey Walker for tips to avoid weight gain during the holiday. See his response below. 

The holidays are fast approaching with family, fun and, of course, food. This includes all of the turkey, stuffing and pies that we all love will be front and center. The only problem is that the food is so good, it’s almost impossible to avoid going back for more. Well, let’s take a look at one of the most important issues that plague the nation around this time of the year, overeating. Most Americans tend to “load up” several plates, one after another, and then pass out asleep unconscious in a food coma. There’s one simple way of combating this kind of overeating: portion control.

Let’s start with the first plate. First, you need your proteins, that being chicken, turkey or fish, if you prefer. Next, you want to get some carbohydrates. Now, I understand that most will cheat and eat more carbs around this time of year, so I suggest having two small servings of carbs per plate. Your carbohydrates could be mac and cheese, cornbread and/or stuffing. Now, if you’re like me, you will also partake in the dessert table. This is where you can really add unwanted fat. However, if you must, I suggest using a small dessert plate or share with someone.

Next, is the second plate. That second plate will come 2-3 hours later. Keep the palette the same with your proteins and carbohydrates, stay away from the desserts, but if you must, keep the serving small.

Now, as the day dwindles, you will want to stay away from carbs and sweets, because as we pass the half day limit for our bodies, we stop burning as many calories as we did in the earlier hours.

These helpful tips will serve as your playbook to help you stay away from the large weight gains that many of us have come to know. Just keep the portions small, and you should have a successful weight journey over the holidays.