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Milan Christopher continues to bash Miles Brock online

Milan (L), Miles (R)/Photo Credit: Milan Christopher's Instagram (@milanchristopher)

Photo credit: Milan Christopher’s Instagram (@milanchristopher)

Milan Christopher and Miles Brock’s romance had already been on shaky ground thanks to accusations on Christopher’s end that Brock was an opportunist and was cheating on him. But things came to a dramatic conclusion last week when the couple broke up and Brock was arrested for allegedly attacking Christopher. Since then, Brock has denied the accusations, but now Christopher has decided to share a revealing post about the incident.

Yesterday, Christopher posted a message to his 400,000 Instagram followers, explaining to them how he felt after Brock allegedly punched him in the face at a Halloween party in NYC on Oct. 30.

Photo Credit: Milan Christopher's Instagram (@milanchristopher)

Photo credit: Milan Christopher’s Instagram (@milanchristopher)

For his part in the drama, Brock has remained relatively mum on the subject since he first denied Christopher’s accusations. However, Brock did talk about the breakup on “The Breakfast Club” recently.

“Umm..we going through. …You know how reality TV shows do relationships,” Brock said when he was asked if he and Christopher are still together.

Brock then denied that he cheated on Christopher and both he and his sister claimed that fame has changed Christopher.

“I feel like just the whole fame of the situation is changing people,” Brock said.

Well, Christopher didn’t take kindly to Brock’s interview comments and blasted Brock online again. Check out Christopher’s shade after the cut.

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  1. FuZ on November 5, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    Milan. Please stop wearing your hats backwards. You are highlighting how enormous your done is. Especially when you need to use every inch of that strap.

    • Hot Boy on November 7, 2015 at 3:14 pm

      Ha ha. I have never see. Him without a hat. His head looks swollen like he was dropped and kicked as a baby.