K. Michelle opens up about shade from Black women over Idris Elba relationship

K. Michelle/YouTube Screenshot
K. Michelle/YouTube screenshot

Last year, K.Michelle shocked fans across the nation when she revealed that she had been in a very private relationship with actor Idris Elba. Much to her dismay, she suffered backlash after revealing the relationship and her breakup from Elba, and now Michelle is opening up about the impact of revealing such a pivotal relationship in her life.

In a recent interview with, K. Michelle explains why she kept mum about the relationship for so long. She also opened up about the frustration she feels about other Black women criticizing her openness about her past with Elba and MeMpHiTz.

“Yes, and I didn’t go into details about it out of respect for him,” Michelle said after being asked if “Maybe I Should Call” was about Elba. “I thought it was disgusting, the backlash that I got from Black women. My whole career, the women that I fight for have been the women that attack me. And, it’s crazy — because when I told about my abuse, Black women attacked me. And they said I was a liar. And then when the reports came out, [they’d say] ’oh, I always believed you!’ That doesn’t heal that scar that you called me a liar for two years and I’m trying to be a role model.”

She added about Elba, “So, when it got to Idris, I’m once again [getting attacked]. We’d probably would still even be close friends, but I came out — and it wasn’t for no album sales because I write about every man I date. And he knew that. He even said that to me, in my face! ‘You write about every man,’ [he said]. And I said ‘Yeah, I’ma write about you too. You determine the song. You determine if it’s good, you determine if it’s bad.’”

Michelle explained that she was hurt that people bashed her for dating Elba and said that she wasn’t good enough for him.

“We parted on mutual terms, so I never bashed him and I never will. When I sang about what it was — it was Black women. They were @-ing him, and were like ‘Ew, she’s not good enough for you.’ It was bad, they’d [say things] like ‘Ew, he would never,’ or ‘Ew, why are you dating someone like that?’ ” Michelle said.

Well, that’s not all that Michelle had to say about her relationship with Elba. See what she had to say about their sex life, as well as what she learned from their relationship, after the cut.

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