Media correspondent Anashay Gould says, ‘women and men should get checked for breast cancer’


 Anashay Gould
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Anashay Gould is a former print model. The 6’4” beauty currently serves as a media correspondent for the Atlanta Business Journal and, a digital platform to encourage, inspire and inform women of color to wear their natural hair.

Her journey to becoming a reporter began back home in Texas where she pursued a degree in journalism at Angelo State University. Later, deciding to move to Atlanta was perhaps the best decision Gould made for herself. “I came to Atlanta for all the opportunities. It is considered to be the ‘Black Hollywood’ in the industry,” she states.

In addition to her media work, Gould enjoys giving back to the community. She recently became a brand ambassador for the Be Amped campaign, a movement to spread awareness about breast cancer. After watching a close friend struggle for years with the illness, Gould knew this would be a great way to advocate for women to receive mammograms. Rolling out talked to her in a recent interview to find out more about how breast cancer has affected her life.

What do you do in the entertainment industry?

I recently signed on with and the Atlanta Business Journal. They are using me as their onsite reporter. I get to go to various red carpet events and award shows to interview celebrities. It’s really cool, because I was a model first and then I decided to transition. The power of word is amazing, because the next thing I knew I was on red carpets. I got to interview some of my favorite singers and artists.

How tall are you? What is life like for you as a beautiful woman of your stature?

I am 6’4”. Interesting would be the best word. People are always amazed and astounded that I could be this tall and put together. A lot of tall women that I have run into are either hunchbacked or just don’t stand up straight. I grew up with eight brothers and sisters, so I have great people to look up to who tell me how to behave and be proud of what I am working with. I have been wearing heels since I was 12 years old. My mom wanted me to embrace [my height], so she didn’t mind me wearing heels. I wasn’t trying to be older; I just liked being feminine. I still walk around wearing 4-inch heels or higher.

What is your passion?

My passion is talking to people. I love being in front of the camera and getting to know people. I am a curious being. Anytime that I meet someone, I want to know their story. Sometimes you don’t know what people are going through unless you ask. It gives me knowledge, because it helps me figure out how to communicate with people from different backgrounds and who have personalities.

How has cancer affected you?

I had just got in contact with someone in Atlanta who had cancer while I was modeling. She was my hairstylist. One day, she told me she had a lump in her breast. Her whole experience has become up and down. It is just really emotional, because you really feel like you take every day for granted. I feel like she just knew it was never going to reach her and I never knew anyone who had it. I am always having to be reminded of it, because she is always asking for prayer warriors to make sure we are thinking of her. She still does shows and tries to stay busy to take her mind off of it.

How did you get involved with the Be Amped campaign?

I know Lisa Gee, who is the founder. I work with her when I do Natural Hair Mag events and host on the red carpet. She is usually right next to me pulling people aside to help me get interviews. She basically asked me to do it because I have been working with her for the past six months and I guess she liked the job I was doing.

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