Police tased Black man 20 times before he died

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Linwood Lambert, according to police, was having a psychotic episode in a hotel room in South Boston, Virginia. According to police, he was speaking erratically and stating there were bodies in the ceiling of his room. Police told Lambert they were going to take him to a hospital emergency room for his own safety. But he was told he was not under arrest as they handcuffed him and put him into a squad car. What happened between the journey to the hospital and the eventual death of Lambert has stirred new controversy. Even though Lambert died in May 2013, new video has been released showing the encounter outside the hospital.

Police have stated that Lambert became even more erratic at the hospital and broke out a squad car window. He then slammed into the doors of the ER shattering the glass and cutting himself. The three police officers responded by pulling their tasers and tasing him at least 20 times. Instead of being admitted to the hospital, police decided to arrest him at this point and charge him with biting a police officer. The officer who was allegedly bitten received treatment that night for his injury.

When Lambert was in the squad car he was tased again, this time directly to his neck, for not sitting up in the back seat. When officers finally arrive at the police station, Lambert was unconscious and then transported back to the same hospital. An hour after his encounter with police, he was declared dead on arrival.  The video confirmed the worst fears of the Lambert family, that their loved one was killed by police. The release of the footage has come because of an ongoing civil lawsuit filed by the family for $25 million.

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