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Morehouse College student circulates contract for sex in dorm

Benjamin E. Mays statue on Morehouse College's campus

Benjamin E. Mays statue on Morehouse College’s campus outside of Graves Hall-(Photo credit: Joi Pearson for Steed Media Service)

Sexual assault and rape on college campuses across the country are on the rise. Most recently, Vice President Joe Biden visited the campus of HBCU Morehouse College to bring awareness of the growing issue and the new It’s On Us campaign to stop these crimes. One brave student, Kimberly Carter, told her story of being gang raped by three men and the mental trauma that she has endured. The It’s On Us campaign is an initiative of the Obama administration that targets college campuses across the country. According to nationwide data, it is estimated that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted by their sophomore year; while, 1 in 16 men are assaulted in college, as well.

Despite this serious issue, one Morehouse College freshman decided to create a “Hoe Contract” and spread it across campus social media networks. The contract can be seen below:

Photo Source: Twitter- @DanyelleRCarter

Photo Source: Twitter- @DanyelleRCarter

The contract is titled “Graves Sexual Consent Form” and includes blank spaces for the “H– signature” “to allow any and all sexual behavior to be performed.” Graves Hall is the oldest dormitory on campus, primarily for freshmen. The contract has caused outrage across the campuses of the Atlanta University Center, which includes Spelman College, Clark-Atlanta University and Morris Brown College.

Morehouse College Vice President of Student Life Dr. Timothy E. Sams issued the following statement to students:
November 12, 2015
Atlanta University Colleges (AUC) Community,

“Yesterday afternoon, one of our Morehouse College students penned a document entitled “Graves Sexual Consent Form”.  He then posted the document on a group meet chat, and it was later posted on a Twitter and Facebook feed. The post referred to women in offensive, derogatory and disturbing ways. It was distasteful and hurtful to women and men across the AUC. The post was defmitely [sic] not becoming of a man of Morehouse, and it assaulted the values of our AUC community.

On behalf of Morehouse College, we apologize for the hurt, anxiety and divisiveness that this posting caused members of our community, and especially women across the AUC.  Morehouse College prides itself on developing men who fight for social justice. This posting runs counter to our legacy of advancing principles of equality and justice for everyone. We are very disappointed.

Early last evening, the author retracted the original post and placed an apology within the original group meet chat. While he has apologized, we will hold him accountable for his infraction against our student code of conduct.

The outraged expressed by approximately 300 students from across the AUC last evening underscored our need for even more dialogue within the AUC community. We at Morehouse will sponsor sustained and collaborative conversations on this and other related matters. We will continue to develop men in ways that makes it clear that violence against women of this type will not be tolerated, and we will continue to extend ourselves to our counterparts  in the AUC to ensure that we collectively provide a community in which all of our students thrive.”

The student who sent out the contract has been identified by the school and now will face a disciplinary board.


  1. Malibu Jones on November 13, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    This is outrageous. It says a lot about this student’s level of maturity and his lack of integrity. I am glad the school didn’t sweep this under the rug.

  2. Jack Strawb on November 14, 2015 at 9:56 am

    “Sexual assault and rape on college campuses across the country are on the rise.”

    No. The good news is that the prevalence of rape has been in steady and significant decline since 1992, and occurs notably less often on college campuses than off. Furthermore, the absurd “1 in 5” number has been debunked again and again and again. See for example Heather MacDonald’s “The Campus Rape Myth,” and Emily Yoffe’s “How The Hunting Ground Blurs the Truth.” available at Slate’s feminist XX blogs.

    Please, get honest about this. Fomenting hysteria helps no one, least of all young, impressionable college women who may be terrified by wildly false statistics which in turn cause money and effort to be spent in the wrong places.

  3. Howard Williams on November 22, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    The student should be dismissed from Morehouse immediately. No excuses, no apology. To think this can be excused say’s something about the Morehouse legacy.

  4. AbeFotsman on November 24, 2015 at 1:22 am

    Are Morehouse students and those in attendance at this forum so puerile and sheltered that they actually need to punish someone for demonstrating a satirical wit? This joke/form is derivative of many that can be found on the web. There are also a number of G rated youtube satirical videos that are a variation on the same theme. Are students and faculty alike so sheltered and stupid that they never peruse anything outside of their own echo chambers and protective bubbles? Are they so shocked and saddened when they do that when they see something that pokes a mild bit of fun at one of their little totems they freeze in surprise, shudder with fear and revulsion, fall to their knees and promise retribution? Dave Chappelle mocked these consent forms as science fiction years ago, long before they became de regir among the infantile generation passing for college students today. You can find it, (and many others), on youtube right now.
    Here’s one: