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Magic Johnson wants to partner with Charlie Sheen to fight HIV


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Charlie Sheen made history yesterday when he became one of few heterosexual A-list male celebrities to ever come out and reveal that they are HIV-positive. Since then, the whole world has been talking about Sheen, and while most are focused on the drama surrounding Sheen’s sex life and court battles, NBA legend Magic Johnson spoke out and said that he wants to partner with Sheen to fight HIV.

Johnson, who was diagnosed with HIV back in the ’90s and founded the Magic Johnson Foundation, has been the face of HIV awareness in the A-list celeb world for decades and has done tremendous work to combat the stigma and shame surrounding HIV.

Yesterday, after Sheen made his announcement to the world, Johnson tweeted about Sheen and invited him to join him in fighting against the spread and stigma of HIV.

Magic Johnson - Charlie Sheen Tweet 1

Magic Johnson - Charlie Sheen Tweet 2

Clearly there’s a lot of drama surrounding Sheen right now, but with Johnson’s help, as well as the help of many other HIV activists, Sheen could turn this into an opportunity to spread knowledge and awareness about HIV and change lives across the globe.

Hopefully, he’ll take Johnson up on his offer.